10 Apps That News Addicts Will Want To Install On Their Android TV Box

10 Apps That News Addicts Will Want To Install On Their Android TV Box

Want to transform your Android TV box into an all-in-one platform that keeps you updated on the hottest news to hit the ‘net? Here are some of the top apps that bring the freshest news to your smart TV box:




  1. BBC Weather – BBC weather is one of the cleanest, smoothest and most robust weather apps out on the Google Play Store right now. From attractive widgets to accurate locational settings, this is one app that you should install on your Android TV box to stay up-to-date on the weather.
  2. Haystack TV – this cool app collects all the video news that you deem relevant and presents it to you in a neat, easy-to-consume package. This makes it an easy pick for an Android TV kit, especially since there are quite a lot of video news service providers out on the Internet all vying for your time and attention.
  3. Feedly – stay on top of multiple headlines with this nifty RSS reader app. Simply add the websites you want to follow and you’ll be able to quickly and conveniently unfurl a list of headlines that you can browse at a glance.
  4. TuneIn – prefer to listen to podcasts and radio programs for your news? Install this app on your Android TV box and you’ll be able to “tune in” to various podcasters and radio stations all over the world.
  5. XiiaLive – if you want to easily connect with over 50,000 internet radio stations, then XiiaLive is an app that helps you get the job done. It even comes with a ‘scan’ feature that lets you find stations like a traditional radio, except it deals with stations that you can run into only with Internet access.
  6. TweetCaster – if you rely on Twitter to get the latest news on a very specific list of topics, then TweetCaster is just what you want to nab. Advanced searches, quick retweeting and easy list-building makes checking out your twitter feed a whole lot easier on your Android TV box.
  7. HootSuite – if you require more advanced social media features, then HootSuite is definitely worth your attention. Not only does it integrate well with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but it also keeps track what people post or talk about concerning certain trends that you want to keep track of.
  8. Google Now Launcher – if you want very specific news and just want a tool to make easier, quicker Google searches, then the Google Now launcher is a must-install on your Android TV device. Simply speak out “OK Google” on your Android home screen and it’ll immediately run a search using nothing but your voice – aside from accessing other apps on your Android TV box. Just make sure you’ve got a mic installed though.
  9. Ask Me Anything – this app connects you straight to Reddit’s “Q&A” subreddit – a popular forum for finding out what celebrities, politicians, thought leaders and other major personalities go to answer questions from the public. This is news in its rawest, most unfiltered state.
  10. Pocket – found something useful while surfing around for news on the ‘net? Want to review that news at your leisure? Save it for later on your Android TV box with this nifty app designed for saving and organizing the stuff you come across on the Internet.

Install these nifty apps on your Android TV box and you’ll have an all-in-one center for managing news from all over the Internet!


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