13 Windows 10 Bugs Microsoft Needs to Fix Right Now

13 Windows 10 Bugs Microsoft Needs to Fix Right Now

Even Microsoft admits that Windows 10 was put together in a hurry. The team started writing it in early 2014 — and released the first preview version to the public only nine months later. (By contrast, it took more than five years to produce the disaster that was Vista.)

So here we are, a month after its final release, and Windows 10 is still filled with bugs. Critics have noticed them, consumers have flagged them, Microsoft acknowledges them.

To be fair, there is no such thing as bug-free software. Every software company maintains a prioritized list of known bugs; as the shipping date approaches, they’re forced to draw a line. Anything below the line, they save to fix another day.

Microsoft is no different. What’s new with 10 is that “the era of the Service Pack is over,” as a product manager told me. Microsoft will no longer roll bug fixes into one big annual release. Instead, Windows will be a work in progress — a continuously improved, living blob of software. Microsoft intends to fix bugs and add features continuously via quiet, automatic software releases. In fact, the company has already released several Windows 10 updates.



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