6 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Get a Immersive VR Camera Addon

6 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Get a Immersive VR Camera Addon

Remember those days when a friend sharing a 180 degrees panorama photo on facebook made your jaws drop?

What if you can capture exactly what you see and hear and share it instantly with friends anywhere in the world?

All through the touch of a button.

Vyu360, a smartphone accessory does just that. It turns your phone into a full fledged VR Camera without breaking your pocket. The awesome guys at Vyu360.com have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project and will start shipping the final product by November 2016.

Here are 6 reasons this virtual reality based phone accessory is a must have for your pockets

  1. Virtual Reality cameras capture way beyond pictures: Gone are those days when you had to pan a camera (steadily, ugh!) following arrow marks on your screen. And often a blurred & stitched photo turned up on your cellphone screen! Not a 21st century thingy, right?


For Vyu360, Immersive cameras have two dedicated lenses that captures your 360 views just at the touch of a button. Leave those panning camera moves for your Tai – Chi classes and get clicking panoramas with a simple click.

  1. Vyu360 on your phone takes 360 degree videos:

This addon allows your phone to take amazing video of your surroundings. Never miss anything. Did a Tiger just cross the road behind you on your elephant Jungle safari? No problem. Play it back on your phone and voila! Be among the first to start a Vr blog. Now That sounds really cool and modern! Check out the sample video taken on a Vyu.

  1. Vyu360 is Virtual Reality enabled: This means that your phone not only captures the images but also stores in which direction it is looking at. Later, Put that video on through a VR headset and you have the experience of being there “as it happens”.
  1. Vyu360 with Dual Camera is cheap: No need to get a full fledged camera for all your VR blogs. Just get this Addon for like $49 and you are all set. Whats more! If you go back their project on kickstarter, you get it for as low as $19. Hurry as the Early bird offers are limited. Head over to their Kickstarter Page for details and reserve your Vyu360 addon now.
  1. Vyu360 is easy to setup and use: Now no more fudging with complex camera settings and dedicated setup instructions. Snap it above your phone, download and open the Vyu360 app from iOS Appstore or Android Play Store. Setup the camera in two steps. It takes barely a minute to do all this. So simple!
  1. Vyu360 photos and Immersive videos are easy to share: How easy? It’s like one touch share easy! More like what instagram does to photos, Vyu360 does to your VR content. So while your friends keeps instagramming their yawning cat, you can share your climb up to Mont blanc.

Believe me, It would be so awesome to go view the Whole Mont Blanc trek on a VR headset. All while lying down on your couch (Someone is really lazy, huh!) 😛

  1. Vyu360 is a whole community of VR creators: It’s like a Youtube for VR videos or instagram for photos. You get a social hub for all your immersive videos.

Imagine putting on your Vr headset and : One moment you are walking down the streets of Amsterdam and the next sitting on a Catamaran in the Indian Oceans watching the fishes play in the crystal clear water.

Sounds really interesting, isn’t it? The early backer price of $19/$29 is just too hard to ignore

If you own an iPhone or an Android, Go reserve your Vyu360 addon now. Support our project on Kickstarter.


Tell us your reason for getting a VR Camera. How will you use it? Let us know in the comments below..



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