Amazing Laptop Facts

Very Interesting And Amazing Laptop Facts

There are quite a number of laptop facts. Laptops refer to portable and lightweight computers. The use of the laptop has grown in leaps and bounds amongst students, business people as well as among individuals who need to use their computer while on the move. Laptops will generally cost more than desktop computers as a result of their portable nature as well as for a number of comparable specifications. Generally, laptops are known to consume ninety percent less energy than the desktop computers. With the rapid change in technology, the laptop industry has not been left behind and these computers are getting smaller and lighter with every passing day.

An amazing laptop fact that goes against popular belief is that the laptop, like the name suggests, should rest on a person’s lap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Laptops are designed to rest on a flat surface, for instance a cooling mat, desk or table to enable the fan to work properly and result in the desired cooling effect.

What you need to know about Laptop Screens 

Another laptop fact is with regard to the laptop screen. Laptop manufacturers describe them according to their resolution and dimension. Thus, the resolution is determined by the number of pixels. The more the number of screen pixels, the sharper and cleaner the image. Consequently, the bigger the screen size, the higher the resolution. The dimension of the laptop screen determines how large the laptop itself will be. The other laptop fact with regard to the screen is the fact that they come in glossy and anti glare. Glossy screens are ideal for use in media applications rather than business. The anti glare screen, on the other hand, is ideal for use in heavily lighted areas.

Battery Life Is A Very Important Feature Of any Laptop

Another laptop fact comes with respect to the laptop batteries. A large majority of laptops today come complete with lithium-based batteries. These batteries have a lifespan of two to three years when used continuously and will deteriorate in terms of their ability to store power with time. One laptop fact that you should know is among the factors that determine the rate as to which the battery capacity is the storage temperature. The other is the average charge. It is advised that lithium-based batteries should be stored in cool temperatures and if being stored for prolonged periods, should be forty per cent charged.

Other Amazing Laptop Facts

It is also apt to note another amazing laptop fact involving the initial laptop. It weighed over eleven pounds and was the brainchild of GRID in 1979. In just three years, the predecessors of today’s laptop evolved from this archaic machine to gadgets that would fit on the lap of an individual and weigh a mere four pounds.

The other laptop fact comes in the form of the features of the laptop. While not much has changed in terms of the size from the earlier versions of the laptop, there has been a considerable shift by manufacturers to integrate more features onto the laptop computers. The earlier versions were used mainly for word processing but the modern laptop has evolved and can be used for multiple functions. They come complete with wireless capabilities, have multiple USB slots, have high powered processors for faster computing, have extended battery life, have inbuilt cameras, speakers and microphones among a number of other features.


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