Best Budget Laptop

What Makes Up a Best Budget Laptop?

The good thing about looking for a best budget laptop is that you will not need to break the bank to own one. Most of them are priced at very reasonable and competitive rates. There are, however, some considerations that you need to make in choosing the best budget laptop. This is because there are a number of laptop models of all sizes that are available on the market today. To get one that fits all your needs including the right price is a tall order and easier said than done. However, you should be guided by a number of factors that will ensure that you get the best budget laptop depending on your needs. Some of these factors are discussed herein under.

What to look for in a best budget laptop

There are a number of factors that should guide you in choosing the best budget laptop. You should put in mind the fact that laptops and desktop PCs are completely different in that while for a PC you can easily change and upgrade all its parts without many problems, the same cannot be said about a laptop. Therefore, in getting one you should be very careful.

The first factor that should guide you in choosing a best budget laptop is the battery life. It goes without saying that the performance of the battery will go down with time. This is to say that you should choose your battery based on the task that you want your laptop to perform. In this light, it is apt to note that ultra portable laptops have a longer battery life than the traditional heavier laptops. This is as a result of them having slower processors and graphics card. Thus, if you are planning to use your laptop mainly for travel, you should buy the portable one and if you intend to use your laptop at home or office, the traditional laptop will suffice.

Another consideration that you should make when choosing a best budget laptop is its weight. If you are planning on traveling a lot, then going for a light weight laptop is the best option for you. You will be glad to know that they are some ultra light laptops that weigh less than four pounds. These are ideal for traveling but lack some basic features like a CD/DVD drive/writer which have been shed off in an effort to reduce the weight. If you are not looking at traveling frequently, then the conventional laptop will work just as efficiently for you.

 Memory is also a key factor to consider when choosing a budget Laptop. It goes without saying that more is better. For instance, a 4 gb + memory will enable you to run a 64-bit OS. The ultra portable notebooks and netbooks usually come with 1-2 gb memory. They also do not have a dedicated graphics card that comes complete with dedicated memory meaning that the chip will only use the memory installed.

The best budget laptop needs to have a decent processor. You should go for dual core or up to four processors to ensure that your laptop has more processing power. The downside of this is that the laptop will end up using up power just as fast. Thus, if you are looking to travel a lot, then a laptop with high processors may not be good for you but the same would be ideal for an individual who does not plan to move around as often. If you are keen on moving around you should look for processors that are amd, Intel core 2 processors and i3 processors which are known to consume less power.

The last consideration that you should make when choosing a best budget laptop is the graphics. It is good to know that there are two types of graphics card: the dedicated separate graphics card and the dedicated graphics card. The former have their own memory and are integrated cards while the latter come highly recommended for gamers.

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