Click To Attack

Click To Attack

Are you dreaming of mastering the World’s fate? Millions of common people are calling you for help, directing their gaze at high heavens. Perform your deeds for the sake of the citizens of Aelion, and their faith will invigorate and support you. Unite a league of your loyal followers and become a keeper of the world of Skyforge, a true legend of Aelion!


Inspired by best console action games, we’ve created the ambiance of endlessly high drive. The combat design is accumulated from the top features of the best games in various genres.

Mouselook control with optional direct targeting enables players to deal breathtaking combo strikes and thus manifest their true excellence.

Walk the path from an immortal warrior to a mighty God, gaining followers as you fight to protect your world.

Your loyal followers will help you increase your power as you rise to become an Elder God. The best of the best will join the Order of Keepers and shape the fate of the world.


Inspired by the best action-combat console games, we’ve improved the traditional targeting system and turned the old point & click style combat into spectacular and animated action, that will always be entertaining and satisfying.

You’ll dodge enemy attacks, perform powerful combos, and vanquish your enemies with devastating finishing attacks.




With a variety of character classes and the freedom of switching between them players will enjoy discovering each class’ skills & powers!


All classes can be developed simultaneously allowing players to swap classes on the go, depending on your mood or current game situation!




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