Group Buying Offers Deep Discounts On Awesome Gear

Group Buying Offers Deep Discounts On Awesome Gear

The more people join in, the lower the price gets, until the lowest possible price is unlocked. The goal is to harness the power of a group of people who are passionate about, for example, pro-audio and audiophile equipment like high-end speakers, gadgets, headphones, microphones, and DACs, to pool their money and get more for their buck. Simply sign up (via email or with your Facebook account), browse around to see the group purchases you can get in on. Each one has a “progress bar,” where if a given number of people join the buy, everyone will get the item at a specific price.
The categories run the gamut though—there’s audio gear, gadgets and electronics, sure, but there are also crafting materials and DIY tools, and everyday carry items like watches, accessories, and bags. There’s clothing buys available, along with categories for tea, hobbies (like board games and collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering), writing tools like fine pens, and more. The discounts are steep as well—sometimes well over 50% off the retail prices.





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