Touch Screen Laptop

Touch Screen Laptop

Now a days, laptops can be considered as a necessity. Yes, due to the fast changing world owning a dependable computer must be considered. And today, with the advance technology having a touch screen laptop is a plus. 

There are three types of touch screens depending on one’s need. First, the resistive type which can be used in variety of ways and comparatively have longer life. It is the most common type due to its durability. Secondly, the capacitive type which gives clearer resonance. Unlike other types, this can only be used by the fingers and it won’t recognize digital stylus pens. And the last type is the surface wave screen which is the most advance and it gives the highest clarity. But this type is more expensive yet tends to have shorter life due to its sensitivity to outer elements.

Touch screen laptop seems to be cooler to have than any other laptops. As its name suggests, the screen can be touched and doesn’t need a mouse or even a touch pad. But it does not end there because it is comprised of multiple benefits.

First, it is handy compared to other laptops due its compact size. Therefore, you can bring it anywhere without worrying about carrying huge laptop bags. Next, a touch screen laptop is easier to use. Why? Because you just need your finger to point to your desire program, to open files and to edit. Furthermore, with the use of stylus that comes in some touch screen laptops you can draw or create designs for your presentations easily without being stressed compared when you have to use the mouse. It also comes with “handwriting recognition software”, so with the help of the stylus you can write cursive notes with your own handwriting style.

But before deciding to purchase a touch screen laptop there are still several things to consider in choosing. Primarily, you should take in consideration the responsiveness of the touch screen. It is important to choose one that is receptive to touch because it is time consuming if you need to tap the screen over and over again. It is annoying and at the same time a hindrance with what you are doing. And we don’t want that to happen, right? Then is to decide what specifications you are looking for.

One should purchase a laptop with fast processor. Computer processor is the one that carries out the instruction for a computer program to perform operations so it should be fast. Random Access Memory (RAM) should also be considered in choosing. RAM is computer data storage and it should be large enough especially if you want to run multiple programs at the same to avoid slowing of the processing. The hard drives must also be large so you can put multiple programs and applications. Also, take in consideration the battery life and other additional features like Bluetooth.

If you’re going to think, buying a touch screen laptop is a good investment for students and even for professional workers because of its multiple advantages.

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