Command Legendary WWII Warships

Command Legendary WWII Warships

Looking for a new game with big guns, high seas and more salt in the breeze than in the chat log? Then take a look at this.

Ultimately this game has everything going for it. It’s fun, well designed and well made all round. It looks nice enough and plays well too.


If you can handle the uphill battle that is progression than you’ll get a lot out of Warships. Regardless, give it a crack. It’s free to play and you may just enjoy yourself.

Destroyers (my favorite class) are quick and agile, able to dart around maps laying smoke screens while harassing the enemy. They also pack torpedoes which are excellent for sucker punching bigger ships around islands or from smoke, but can hurt allies if used incorrectly.


Next comes Cruisers, more heavily armed and armored than the smaller Destroyers but able to use their main guns to much greater effect. Many Cruisers also have sizable anti-aircraft batteries that can be used to defend other allied ships from onslaughts of torpedo bombers.

The biggest and scariest guns belong to the Battleships. These bad boys are fully capable of destroying enemy ships with well-placed shots. Big, slow and highly immobile, Battleships work best when sailing in one direction.


Their fire rate is horrid but when you’re fully capable of sinking an enemy in one salvo that’s not really so important. Finally, we have the Aircraft Carriers, perhaps the most unique of the four classes.

Carriers launch bombers and fighters from their decks which can be controlled from an overhead map view rather than the regular over-deck view of the other three classes. In fact you don’t even have direct control of Carriers, instead you set up the autopilot and concentrate on micromanaging your planes. It’s different and certainly not for everyone but the utility Carriers bring is undeniable.




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