X-Tel 7500 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone Wants to Join on Your Adventures

X-Tel 7500 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone Wants to Join on Your Adventures

Living an outdoor lifestyles or working with a heavy-duty job and wanting a smartphone that can survive the elements and one that will match your tough outdoor profession or live ?

Have a look at the X-Tel 7500, one of the ‘rugged’ smartphones of X-Systems boasting resistance against water, dust, mud and scratches, or pretty much everything. Okay, and the great thing it looks as cool as an Iphone or a smart Samsung, due it’s chunky design it manages to turn heads with its sturdy and rubberised body. Do you want one too ?

The X-Tel 7500 is an innovative and extreme smartphone with the highest grade material and components of a very durable Terra IP68/IPX8 housing and military standard standards. You will be surprised by the compact and smooth finished design without taking its durability.

Why did X-Systems choose for an IP68/IPX8 protection? Well imagine, you want to swim in the sea or beautiful water and you don’t want to leave your phone on shore, and you want to take it with you into the water and you even want to use it for making some incredible under water photos. With IP68/IPX8 you can go until 2 meters under water for about 30 minutes, with no worry that your phone will be damaged ? That’s our X-Tel.



Hydro IPS HD screen technology creates an immersive viewing experience. The X-Tel 7500 is using one of the fastest mobile processor available on the market the ARM Cortex-A7 running on latest version of Nucleus Android, Gorilla Glass screen class2, 2G,3G, GPS,MMS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, plus an E-Compass and Gyroscope, dual-sim and a 8.0 MP Camera.

Another interesting fact about the X-Tel 7500 which will interest an outdoor fanatic, it has Dual Sim, two sim slots with each a big variation of GSM fequencies which means great for traveling.

More information: http://x-systems.com





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